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Efficient and effective Electronic Discovery, Computer Forensics and Incident Response
begins  with the preservation of Electronically Stored Information (ESI). Preserving ESI should be a routine, prophylactic action conducted prior to litigation as part of an organization's information management plan. Unfortunately, preservation is most often employed on an irregular basis in response to discovery requests during civil litigation. Regardless of one's situation, from the initial design of a plan to preparing for trial, PenrodEllis FDD can help.
The certified computer examiners at PenrodEllis FDD of Denver, Colorado are experts in the forensic collection of ESI from computers, mobile phones and other electronic data storage devices. We preserve and safeguard the integrity of electronically stored information. Authenticated forensic bit-stream images are the basis for e discovery as well as forensic computer examinations and network security investigations. It is from forensic images that computer evidence is recovered.
PenrodEllis FDD forensic examiners can collect forensic images from the following types of digital electronic devices:
Desktop & laptop computers
Network servers & workstations
Netbooks & tablet PC's
Mobile Phones, Smart Phones & MP3 players
GPS satellite navigation devices
Cable & satellite television DVR's
Digital cameras & video recorders
Digital audio recorders & answering machines

Internal & external hard disk drives

External USB flash memory keys

Removable flash memory cards

Optical media, such as CDs & DVDs

Digital backup tapes
PenrodEllis FDD forensic examiners can recover the following types of Electronically Stored Information from forensic images: 
Deleted, temporary & discarded files
Backup & restore files
Local & server-based email messages
Web-based email messages
Online chat & instant messaging logs
Internet browser & P2P file sharing records
Encrypted & password protected drives, folders & files
Digital photographs & videos
Documents, spreadsheets & databases
Internal & external metadata
Alternate data streams
System & application logs
CD/DVD burning records
Link & shortcut files
PenrodEllis FDD of Denver, Colorado forensically recovers ESI in e-discovery and digital forensic cases from  the forensic image and not the originating source of the ESI.
We preserve ESI by collecting and authenticating forensic bit-stream images from the digital electronic devices (DED) on which it is stored. Forensic imaging not only preserves ESI as it existed at the time of its collection, but also safeguards its integrity, establishing a foundation for its submission as evidence at trial. Courts throughout the world recognize forensic images as authentic, allowing them to stand in place of the original DED. For this reason, forensic recovery of ESI is only rarely conducted against "live" computer systems and storage devices. The forensic bit-stream image is the only source of computer evidence presented at trial.  
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