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David Penrod, Forensic Computer Examiner, is an Expert Witness in Electronic Discovery and Computer Forensics. He has been a certified computer examiner since 1997 and has conducted hundreds of computer examinations, recovering digital evidence for presentation at trial. As an expert witness in computer forensics, he has testified in civil and criminal cases before state and federal courts. David J. Penrod
David J. Penrod has been a certified forensic computer examiner since 1997. He served as the sole certified Computer Investigative Specialist for the U.S. Customs Service, Office of Investigations, District of Arizona, from 1997 to 2002. He became a private consultant in 2004.
As a private consultant, Mr. Penrod has conducted approximately 450 forensic investigations and electronic discovery procedures in civil, criminal and administrative cases as well as corporate internal matters. He has collected, processed and examined forensic bit-stream images from thousands of computer storage devices. Mr. Penrod has discovered, extracted, and preserved digital data for use as evidence at trial in both state and federal courts as well as a US Army court martial. He has testified under oath as an expert witness on 40 occasions with reference to his investigative findings and opinions
Mr. Penrod's full CV is available here.
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