PenrodEllis FDD - Certified Experts in Electronic Discovery & Computer Forensics
PenrodEllis Forensic Data Discovery (FDD) of Denver, Colorado provides expert services
in Data Preservation, Electronic Discovery, Computer Forensics and Incident Response to individuals and organizations anticipating or actively engaged in any legal matter involving Electronically Stored Information. Click here for a full description of our available services.
PenrodEllis FDD of Denver, Colorado provides expert consulting and testifying services in any matter requiring the preservation of electronically stored information, e-discovery, digital investigation, digital forensics or incident response. Our experts have been conducting computer examinations since 1997. PenrodEllis forensic computer examiners are experts in data preservation, computer investigations and edd.
Whether one's needs are simple or complex, from the preservation of Electronically Stored Information to the forensic recovery and examination of multifaceted data streams that may be the linchpin of one's case, PenrodEllis FDD can help. We are certified experts in the forensic recovery of computer evidence. Our certified forensic computer examiners are available 24 hours a day. With our offices and laboratory located in Denver, Colorado, PenrodEllis FDD serves clients throughout the entire Western United States, from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean. 
PenrodEllis FDD of Denver, Colorado provides expert consulting and testifying services in any civil or criminal matter involving e-Discovery, digital forensics and network security investigations.
Computers and other digital electronic devices create and save significantly more Electronically Stored Information (ESI) than even the most sophisticated users realize.
To recover this data our forensic computer examiners utilize an exclusive methodology that combines advanced forensic technologies, industry-standard protocols and proprietary taxonomies. When joined with our analyst's training, experience and skills, the PenrodEllis FDD methodology delivers superior results.
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